Det här blev ju inte så bra

This didn't turn out so well

Do you, like me, struggle with the feeling that the summer didn't quite turn out as you had hoped, now that it sings on the last verse? Shall we sit down for a while and settle the situation?

Firstly (and I'm talking to myself too!) - no, things rarely turn out as you imagine. Sometimes they get a lot better and sometimes they get a lot worse (and quite often somewhere in between). They usually say that this is what life is all about, right? What we didn't plan.

That being said, I (and you) know it can feel worthless anyway. Maybe even for no apparent reason? The children were probably quite happy in any case most days, even if the weather left more to be desired, there was a lot of swimming and x number of ice creams you also managed.. Now I'm just speculating but that's exactly how it is. Always, all year round. Some years are better and some worse. Sometimes there are concrete reasons why life was tough for a long period of time and other times there may not be anything to point to immediately. It was simply hard.

Why do we put summer as some kind of parenthesis in life? Then it must be lived and loved! Regardless of how life has been during the winter and spring, we will suddenly get into some sort of summer rut the day the children's summer vacation starts and sort of..."be happy"..? No, I say (angry to myself, a little late…) - let's crush it. Summer is just as much life as the rest of the year and sometimes we can change what we feel (or how we react to it) and sometimes we probably need to accept the situation. It turned out as it turned out - and that's ok. Very ok. If there are things you can do to create a great fall - do it. (But don't be too hard on yourself or life).