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    EMOTIONS CARDS "SEXUALITY" (from 13 years)
    EMOTIONS CARDS "SEXUALITY" (from 13 years)
    EMOTIONS CARDS "SEXUALITY" (from 13 years)


    Emotions card sexuality contains 15 cards and guidance for you who will hold the conversations developed in collaboration with a psychologist. Sexuality, consent and relationships are exciting, but sometimes difficult and sensitive subjects. From the academic year 2022-2023, the sexual knowledge changed its name to include subjects such as consent and voluntariness to a greater extent.

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    • Gender identity
    • Sexual orientation
    • Norms
    • Body image
    • Pornography
    • Masturbation
    • Consent
    • Sex & Responsibility
    • Sex & love
    • Sexual mistakes
    • Sexual assault
    • Consequences of sex
    • Sexual taboos
    • Sex as a threat

    Are the cards only aimed at 7th graders, or what age is it for?

    The cards are aimed at those who work with children and adolescents and hold knowledge about sex, or maybe the parent of a curious child. The cards contain topics that are suitable for children from about 13 years. However, you as an adult and conversation leader determine what is appropriate for your child or children. The cards that the conversation leader considers not suitable for the young people, the students, or the age group involved can be removed.

    How do I, as an adult, use the cards?

    The cards come with a guide that addresses your role as conversation leader, the conversation climate, and preparation. Each card contains a topic. The topic can be covered during a lesson or meeting. On each card, there are support words to keep in mind and help the conversation leader when discussing the questions on the card. This is partly to stay focused on the card's topic, but also to define the subject and as support for other follow-up questions that are relevant. For example: the support words “age, experience, respect, communication” are on the card “Consent”.

    Aren't some of these topics too advanced for children?

     We have chosen to include topics that may seem advanced from an adult perspective. Children today have a great opportunity to seek information about these subjects themselves. By talking about things that the children may have encountered on their own, we help them to understand the context they otherwise do not have. If any topic still feels too advanced for your child or children, simply put it aside.


    Emotion Cards: Sexuality contains 15 cards and guidance for the conversations, developed in collaboration with a psychologist.

    Sexuality, consent, and relationships are intriguing yet sometimes difficult and sensitive subjects. Starting with the academic year 2022-2023, the title "sexual knowledge" changed to include subjects such as consent and voluntariness to a greater extent.

    Känslokort sexualitet innehåller 15 kort samt en vägledning till dig som ska hålla i samtalen utvecklade i samarbete med psykolog.

    Sexualitet, samtycke och relationer är spännande, men stundvis svåra och känsliga ämnen. Från och med läsåret 2022-2023 bytte sexualkunskapen namn för att inkludera ämnen som samtycke och frivillighet i högre utsträckning.

    The conversation cards are a support for you who will hold these discussions.

    Areas such as sexuality, in relation to the Consentide Act or in relation to own preferences and
    Thoughts, are sometimes sensitive subjects.

    Much of the traditional sexual knowledge
    Have been about biology and what physically happens to and in our bodies.

    Sex and relationships, however, are subjects that are very much involved in our emotions and spring relationships to other people.

    Sensitive subjects and taboos

    We have chosen to address controversial and sensitive topics and taboos that, for example if it was in a movie, an age limit would be appropriate, and have been subjects generally regarded for fully adult people's sexuality.

    Although the subjects can be perceived to be outside of age, maturity, and "mainstream", many young people know, may have seen or heard of (on the internet, via film or social media) it, but there may not be completely understood context.

    The risk of having all this information, but not having fully received the context is that children and adolescents are left alone to make their own interpretations. Here, adults are important to dare take the conversation up.

    The purpose of these conversation cards is to shed light on existing phenomena in sexuality.

    In this way, both knowledge and understanding are promoted by making the subjects "talkable" and informative. The subjects can be something that young people have been curious about but did not dare to approach due to taboos.

    The purpose of the questions is to create a dialogue and enable discussion about topics that are and can be sensitive and therefore difficult to have a nuanced conversation around. As the subjects can arouse strong emotions and be difficult to discuss, they rarely get the space and information they require.

    Over 6,000 of our customers use Emotion Cards to get closer to each other. Among them are schools, various actors in child and adolescent psychiatry, family homes, school health care and families who want to invest in preventing mental illness by using emotion cards for children.