Refund policy

Return and right of withdrawal

Your right of withdrawal (the cancellation period) is valid for 14 days. In your message to us, it must be clear that you regret it. The cancellation deadline starts to run on the day you received the item or an essential part of it. You should contact Bonki and ask for a return slip. Your return slip will be sent by mail.

Returns within Sweden are postponed with the return slip you received from Bonki and are left on the nearest representative. For all returns, a return fee of SEK 39 is charged from repaid product value.

For approved returns, the product must meet the following requirements. The product must be returned in salable condition, in the original packaging of the product. Any labels and patches must remain on the garment. Products that are used, damaged, dirty, or worn are not approved as a return. If the return is not approved, full refund will not be obtained.

The package must be frank with the attached return label containing order number and contact details for our warehouse. Delivery Note must be attached to the package and must be filled with which goods are returned and the cause of return. Goods or parcels that cannot be identified may be denied approved return and refund. When returning several goods from an order, all goods must be returned in a package. The customer is responsible for the return until the package is received and registered on our warehouse.

We handle returns within 30 days of the package being received on our warehouse. Once the return is handled and approved, a refund will be made with the same payment method used at the time of purchase. It can take up to 5 business days before a refunded amount is available in the customer's bank account. In the case of invoice payment with Klarna, the invoice will be adjusted. A return fee of SEK 39 is automatically charged from repaid product value for all returns. If you have any questions or problems with a refund when you have paid with Klarna, we refer to Klarna's customer service.

Confirmation email is sent to the customer when the return has been approved and refunded. If there are problems or questions regarding a return, the customer will be contacted. If a return is denied, Bonki cannot guarantee that the item will return to the customer.


If you detect a production error, the goods can be advertised against a valid receipt or payment basis. Product damaged as a result of wear is not considered incorrect. If possible, we offer to repair defective products. If it is not possible to repair or the product is no longer available, you are entitled to full refund including shipping and return costs. In approved complaints, Bonki is responsible for all extra costs. Bonki complies with the Consumer Purchasing Act for complaints, for more information visit

The customer is responsible for unpacking and checking that the products in the package are flawless within 7 days of the order being delivered. Should a product be damaged, broken, dirty or incorrectly otherwise on delivery, a complaint must be made through our customer service. If the product is returned in the usual way, the return can be denied.

When complaining purchases made at, customer service should always be contacted before a complaint is sent back. Customer service determines whether it is an approved return and then gives instructions on how the complaint should be sent to our warehouse. Complaints submitted without approval or contact with customer service may be denied repayment. In the case of denied complaints, Bonki cannot guarantee that the product will return to the customer.

You have the right to advertise an item purchased at within 3 years against valid payment documentation.

Change of order

When you have completed a purchase and received an order confirmation, we start processing the order in our system and on our warehouse. When the package left the warehouse, there is no way to change your order. If you detect errors in the specified contact information, it is your obligation to contact customer service. Bonki is not responsible for orders sent to an incorrectly stated address by a consumer.

Replacement of goods

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes when buying online. On the other hand, it is possible to return the item that is wanted to change and place a new order with the right item. If you have any questions or need help, you are always welcome to contact our customer service athello@bonkistudio.comThen we help you further!