Communication cards developed for children's self-esteem, empathy, emotional regulation and emotional development. Discover tools to boost mental health in children and adolescents!

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Our products are developed in collaboration with experts to support emotional development and strengthen mental health in children.

Emotion cards for children stimulate conversations and promote creative play. Mental health can affect many areas of a child's life, including their performance in school, social interactions, self-esteem, self-confidence, and general joy of life.

Tools to manage their emotions

Giving children tools to manage their emotions and promoting mental health can help them become more resistant to stress, anxiety and depression in the future. Conversation and emotion cards are products that can help boost mental health in children and young adults by strengthening their self-esteem, compassion and emotional regulation.

Känslokort som stärker barns självkänsla i förskolan

Mental Health

Childhood is important in the preventive work against mental illness for children and adolescents.

Using products that promote mental health can help by providing tools to manage stress, emotions, and challenges in life more easily. It can also help them develop a positive self-image and strengthened self-esteem, which can lead to increased self-confidence and joy of life.


Research has shown that children who have access to tools for managing stress and emotions have better mental health and perform better in school.

In addition, products such as emotion cards and conversation cards have proven to be effective in strengthening self-esteem and supporting emotional development in children.

Our conversation cards are used today by over 10,000 families, schools, psychology clinics and other professionals who work to boost mental health in children and young adults.