Bara en påminnelse

Just a reminder

What would you remember from Christmas if no pictures were allowed? What feeling would you carry with you if nothing of Christmas Eve had been immortalized on social media?

Play with the idea that the memories you take with you from this year's Christmas are only in you, in your heart. There is no evidence that the children had matching Christmas clothes, the tree was perfect and the clappers were many. What remains is what you - you - remember.

Oh how I hope the memories sparkle with the photos that weren't taken. That the photos had not been a substitute for what glitters, what is felt.

Because there are those who will have those photos - even admired for them. But don't remember the moment. See that "oh how we laughed" but don't remember the laughter.

But take the photos! Let them enrich what is already felt! But don't look at other people's and think that's all. Because it never is. There is always so much more - more joy, more love, more tears, more loneliness. More life. In the middle of all the photos. And we know nothing.