Berätta vad du vill läsa om!

Tell us what you want to read about!

Now I want to address you!

What do you want to read about in this blog? Which (child-related) topics are close to your heart? If you can think completely freely - what is important and is there something you want to read more about? Maybe there are topics that need to be talked about more? The kind you want to get more space!

School is a subject I have noticed engages many. (You understand that - how our children feel is the most important thing!) What interests you about the subject of school?

What should be given more space in the debate? Maybe there is a voice you would like to hear more of? Someone who is knowledgeable in a certain subject that we can try to highlight together!

Dream big, freely and dare to wish! What do you want to read more about? Comment here, on Instagram or email me (you can remain anonymous) at