Frågor till er

Questions for you

This week I want to ask you some questions!

Do you feel that there is a place where you, as a close adult to one or more children, can ventilate your thoughts and concerns about children's feelings? Or a place where you can talk about and share how you make emotions something obvious in everyday life?

Because I think if you're reading here, chances are you think this is important.

Are there places, online or in your physical vicinity, where adults can talk about how they deal with emotions in the family? In case of the slightest concern, as an adult you should of course contact the school and the staff there, health center/BVC or BUP, but is there a place to talk about what we all go through - the emotions in everyday life and how we create tools and security for the children so that they learn to express them? If you don't think this place exists - does it need to exist and if so - what could it look like? (Online or physical).

I want to read all your thoughts!

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