During Christmas, I have both read and seen countless annual chronicles that can be summarized like this: Last year was a heavy year (many of course refers to the war in Ukraine, the political situation and other unrest in the world but also on the personal level mean several).

With that in fresh memory, it is of course close at hand to wish that everything will be better, only the clock passes twelve and a new year is entered in the calendar.

But how does it get "better"? We know that this is not done by a passive desire, but we often want to think that the new year automatically comes with just new. New and good!

I think like this (and as usual talk very much even to myself!):

We may wish that lots of things are getting better (better health, better economy, larger housing, etc., etc.) and we can of course affect the end of that wish. But (and I should try not to sound too clumsy) we are not basically good, are safe with who we are and listen to what we know; So will not fulfill all these wishes feel like life got better ..?

Therefore: if you wish well, better, maybe even Best - start by tuning with yourself. Do you need to do something to get in better contact with your feelings? (Tip: Our emotional cards raise many thoughts even in adults. Not instead of therapy, when needed! But to get to know yourself and their feelings a little more).

And last but definitely not least: we wish a more beautiful world, a nicer world or a world without war..so I think the children are the key. If we help them along the way, support them in their emotional development, so maybe they can become adults in a world where they don't have to look for "better" (more, bigger ...)

Happy New Year we wish you!