Alla får vara med

Everyone is allowed to be with

These are sincere thoughts - I really wonder!Can everyone join? Or: must Everyone join?

"Everyone can join" we have probably all heard, in different contexts. In school when we were small and perhaps by our little ones when they come home and sensibly point "everyone can join".They have learned it and maybe it is in context of an educator/teacher so that the children will grasp the importance of inclusion. Nice so.

But .. What does it mean?

When I hear to me, most preschools/schools (perhaps above all the low school) seem to have the expression (or similar) in (type) well -being rules you have designed together. On paper, of course, it looks good, but something scratches.In a school where more and more jobs are included in the teaching profession, where time to see each child/individual often does not exist, it may be necessary to lean on these rules. It is easy to say in the heat of the moment "everyone can join, you know that!" When no time to review the situation that has arisen exists. (In other words: it is not the fault of the educators!)

But how do you, in reality, when a child crowdes and should always be even even though the others in the buddy group become uncomfortable in their company? They do not make visible "errors" (ie such adults see) but for the others it feels hard. In such situations, "Everyone is often used!" Because no one has time to do with every unique situation. Do we really teach the children about relationships (both those who do not like the situation and they who seem to penetrate here) by leaving them with a bunch of nice words ..?

There are a thousand different examples where I think that the fine man basically wanted to teach the children with "everyone can be with" disappears because the sentence is used nuanced or strenuous. Time is not available otherwise (and that time a lot of politicians want to reduce further ..)

I have no answers at all. Of course everyone should be allowed to join! But everyone should also be seen and thrive. Those parts are not always compatible.

(And if time is not in the current system, we must change the system!)