“It takes a village to raise a child”*

“It takes a Village to Raise a Child”*

I have to admit that I have often felt pretty lonely in the thoughts I will now share, but it is precisely the loneliness that I think makes the quote in the heading have got such an impact - so probably shared the feeling of many .. we may just have to dare Formulate what it is that scratches?"It takes a village to raise a child". In short, many adults are needed in a child's life. Preferably many secure Adults in various Roller.

After all, our part of the world has embraced the individualistic society where each one takes care of their (must cope with all parts of life) as some kind of proof of success. Asking for help or recognizing deficiencies is thus evidence of the opposite.But maybe the way here was necessary? For example, women started working required childcare because no one could be home with the children anymore. So that our way of living has brought with it are quite a few good things that we do not want to be without. But sometimes I wonder, what do we do and at the expense of what? In any case, a return is not interested in.

So .. What is it that makes the quote speak to us in the West? We who seem to continue to choose the path "Alone is strong"? Is it talking about something we miss?I can only start from myself and I say it does. Definitely and quite obvious.In our endeavor we won a lot but we also lost a lot. We couldn't get everything and now it scratches.So here comes the possibly the biggest cliché I have ever printed in writing: We need each other. So simple (and so hard).

We cannot sit in our houses with millions of square per individual and text each other in the event of a need for contact and then worried about mental illness.

No matter how I turn and turn it, the sum will be that the quote is right and we have to start living afterwards. We do not have to move into the collective whole pile (I myself had been very bad at just that!) But open the doors and show the unlined reality for help. If there is no close family that works, look like like -minded people and give the children more close to adults to connect. (The opposite of hired personnel).No man can carry the whole parenting himself and I see no signs that we are doing well either. Do you?

*Origin unknown