Den bästa skolan

The best school

First and foremost: Thank you for all the nice response I received on last week's post about school!One of my biggest dreams is that children and their well -being should have (much!) Greater space in society. That we should move from fine wording to reality and start from ourselves - how wants we That our days should look like? Our workplace? If the answer is: rewarding, safe, fun, interesting and that we are listened to and seen (or similar) then I do not think we should make lower demands than that on the days of children. (That we do it is still completely fired ..?)

If your children's days flow just as well - wonderful! But as long as there are children (and it does - many!) Who don't feel that way; we (and the politicians) have a big job ahead of us. For sure it is strange and actually scary that politicians get Go against research on what makes children feel good/learn more/feel safe and trust etc and instead strive for a school built on opposite thoughts ..? When neither emotion, logic (for most?) Nor actual research says that tougher holds, narrower frameworks, higher requirements and the same requirements for everyone, etc. provide better school results and a more prosperous generation that grows up (rather the opposite) - but you still choose To go that way ... then you are not directly the right politician in the right place ..? (What if other parts of society had worked so arbitrarily. Things that affect adults ... then it would have become life in the door, mildly ..)

We know that another system is possible - they exist around the world. And as I said - that it is a big job to rebuild, for example, the school system from the ground up, we can also note. But it can't be a reason not to. Again: All children are everyone's children. How can we be satisfied when so many children do not fit in the prevailing system?

We are many who share the dream. How do you formulate your thoughts on this? What does an inclusive school look like, if you have to think freely?

Right. (To start work somewhere). Do you think that our emotional cards can make a difference in school you work in or your children go in - please feel free to order or order! They are already used successfully in many businesses!