Känslor i bruset

Feelings in the noise

In the book "Lotsa barn" Lars H Gustafsson writes: "I miss the reflection in our society. Too many emotions run wild, too many opinions are expressed without listening and reflection, too many words flow together into a meaningless noise, too much music whispers and fades away.

Early on, the small child feels emotions and language helps to put them into words, he writes.

"But it is not enough to have the ability to listen inwardly and to have a language. It also requires, as with all knowledge-seeking, an interest in the matter. If I'm going to get better at understanding myself and my feelings, I have to be prepared to put in some time and work to understand myself!”

Gustafsson believes that today there is so much that pecks at our attention, so that the time for just reflection - inwardly, in conversation, reflection, no longer exists to the same extent.

I think: of course our emotional life suffers..when we peel away something that used to be a large part of life (reflection, reflection). Screen time and self-help apps in all their glory. But how much do we actually need to switch off completely so that the (perhaps) vital reflection is not lost? Of course, no one has the answer. But I think that in any case we must not be afraid of the question.

Lars H Gustafsson is a pediatrician and author