Känslor i bruset

Feelings in the noise

In the book "Lotsa children" Lars H Gustafsson writes: “I lack the reflection in our society. Too much emotion wanders tidylessly around, too many opinions are expressed without listening reflection, too many words flow into a meaningless noise, too much music ripples and disappears. "

Early on, the little child feels emotions and the language helps to put words on them, he writes.

“But it is not enough to listen inward and to own a language. It is also required, as in all knowledge seekers, an interest in the matter. If I am to be better at understanding myself and my feelings, I must be prepared to spend some time and work on pre -engaging me! "

Gustafsson believes that today there is so much that is poking on our attention, so that the time for reflection - inward, in conversation, reflection, is no longer to the same extent.

I think: of course our emotional life is suffering. When we peel away something that previously constituted a large part of life (reflection, reflection).Screen time and self -help apps in all glory. But how much do we actually need to turn off completely because it (maybe) essential reflection should not be lost? NAt least no answer has. But I think we should not be afraid of the question anyway.

Lars H Gustafsson is a pediatrician and author