Alla barn - allas ansvar?

All children - everyone's responsibility?

There are millions of situations where I think the vast majority act and stand up for a child. Obvious situations when a child gets hurt but also in situations where we are doubtful - it's about children so we act anyway.

Then there are all those moments we have stood on a playground with our own children and silently wondered why some parent completely ignores their own child; the child who seems to have taken over the playground for the moment. Sometimes we adults may think (or no - feel!) irrationally in the heat of the moment (especially if our own child has been saddened by this child's actions) and quietly or loudly vent our feelings. (In certain situations it will of course be necessary to act).

With the mindset "all children are everyone's children", we have a responsibility. But parenthood is sacred and there are probably a thousand ways to go wrong. That what we say lands wrong.

My question is whether we should practice this more. If our own discomfort with the confrontation with another parent is not always so healthy. (And of course I don't mean that we should rush to people for everything and nothing but in those situations when the gut actually says "no": dare to speak).

Difficult subtle balances where we often act a little arbitrarily based on our own situation. How are you thinking?