Prata om rasism

Talk about racism

The topic that rolled over me as I sat down to write .. racism. A topic that I think these days must be addressed. Should have addressed much more, before. But just why - more than ever - today.

After an electoral movement and a (at the time of writing, still unclear) election, many people think about how we should talk about racism with our little ones. Because I do not think that it resolves by itself, only we have good intentions. The conversations must be done.

However, I am far from the right person to speak here. The ball is not mine - I'm not exposed.I had wanted to talk to someone (adult) about this. Adult with perspectives other than mine. How do you talk to children about racism? How do you explain to the children who have never been exposed? How do you talk to those who live with it every day? Is it possible to include these different perspectives in one Call? It must do that! But how?

What tools are available? Is this something the school does? What is missing?I really want to open a conversation about this. If you have thoughts about my thoughts - any thoughts - email me on (Maybe this topic is something you know a lot about and can imagine writing a post about here on the blog?)