"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think"*

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think"*

- The preschool teacher profession holds many dimensions, one is play, another is teaching and a third is care. It is important that none of them are allowed to stand back. Crucial to success is to understand that Teaching does not have to be to stand and convey information, says Niklas Pramling, professor of pedagogy at the University of Gothenburg.

Oh what I wish that the school - which has such potential - can go more to this thinking! (What Niklas describes is the preschool but my thoughts here mainly affect the school and the above italicized).

Because we live in a world where industrialization and what it demanded from human care and way of life is a memory only. Where professions and life choices (in our part of the world) can come up with endless opportunities while the digitalisation of society takes over many of our functions.Can't it feel a little out of date that all children should learn the same thing at the same age when information about everything the children wants to learn is a push of a button? Or outside the window? Or in a play? A discussion group? (One….) When we actually talk about an inclusive school that will work for everyone and go away from “Everyone is cast in the same form” thinking ..? A little contradictory to say that everyone has their unique abilities at the same time as the plan for what and when to learn looks the same for everyone? (And one's ability to absorb that knowledge should also be valued ...) When there is a lot of research that we learn better when we are interested in something?

These are dreams but is it utopia?

We have teachers - so many who want the school to be something else - meet all individuals and interests. Get teaching children who listen (because they want to!) We have the places - nice schools that could easily have been able to teach in other ways.Sure, such a big change in the school system had demanded a lot in many stages, but the alternative to continue with (almost) the same view of children and teaching as in the 50s is a greater risk - when the world looks like it does.

This is (a small part of) my thoughts on the subject. What do you think?

*Albert Einstein