Ringar på vattnet

Ripples on the water

It is very difficult to write about giving - helping and being there for others this Christmas, without sounding pompous, snus sensible and seeming capable. (I make all the mistakes in the world! Who am I to talk?)

But ok, what do we have? A world that feels crazy, increased child poverty and people who stress themselves half to death and buy Christmas presents with money they don't have. No top starting point to sit quietly in the boat and watch? We can't be surprised by the craziness and at the same time drive on with ours.

This is how I think: what you do makes ripples on the water. And the perspectives must become greater. We can absolutely buy Christmas presents for thousands of kroner and at the same time donate a sum to charity. But that is putting out small fires.

I think we need to think beyond that. If we are horrified by the icy world, we should be involved in building a new, emotionally intelligent generation. Neither I nor anyone else can tell others to stop buying Christmas presents (I buy Christmas presents myself guys!) But we can at least together say that it's ok! What can we do for others this Christmas? (More than swishing). How can we show the children that we really want to see a different world for them and through those actions hopefully create opportunities for them to build one?

I think THAT makes the water runny.

TIP! Check where you live if there are ways to actively support initiatives that help children in (eg) poverty this Christmas. There is SO much to do and as we all know it is needed, perhaps more than ever.