Sommar med barn - om skuld och acceptans

Summer with children - about guilt and acceptance

There are countless articles, posts on social media and lots of info online with tips on how to create a nice summer with children without having to cost anything. Many locations/cities have free arrangements for children almost daily during the summer holidays.

My idea is to focus on all such tips for a while and think a little about acceptance and guilt. For the blame, when "everyone else" has the opportunity (to go abroad/have summer cottage/swim every day/buy endless amounts of ice cream/socializing with the children, etc.) and acceptance is in many cases necessary - to get a nice summer based on it Own situation.

The well -known mind -roast prayer contains the words ”Give me peace of mind to accept what I cannot change, courage to change what I can and understanding to realize the difference ”and certainly it sounds wise and beautiful but how do you find that sense of mind, the courage and the mind when much of what we experience around We speak for us to feel the opposite?

Maybe the acceptance comes at times, like a streak calm - "I do ok, we have it ok". Maybe the blame knocks as often - "Why can't we" or "I should do better" ..Is debt ever constructive (in cases where wrong was not committed)? (Does it take us somewhere?)And is it possible to accept a situation (for example limited economy/no holiday/leave) at the same time As you wish it would be different?

How do we talk to the kids about all this? (Why can the neighbors but not we (or vice versa)?)"Life is unfair" will still be a fool to lean on when the arguments push? Is it enough? If not - how do we give them tools to understand? (Sometimes you may have to start with yourself).