Utanför det allra närmsta - jag med andra

Outside the closest - Me with others

As we grow, so does our world. Slowly we leave the little bubble that the first years enclose us in. The interaction with other people, perhaps outside the family and those closest to us, becomes more interesting. Our tentative steps out among other people and friends will be the start of a life that will hopefully bring us many nice meetings and relationships.

Who am I with other people? What happens when my friends feel differently than I do? How do we resolve all the small and large conflicts that arise in our various relationships?

The world is undeniably getting bigger with an increased number of meetings and what is more important than learning to understand oneself in the best possible way so that we get the best conditions for creating our own relationships. If we have learned to put into words what we feel, it becomes easier to grasp it in relation to others. Self-evident - so easy to say but at the same time so hard to live by. In everything that has to be done, it is sometimes forgotten that the emotional guidance is probably the most important.

Relationships don't happen by themselves. Why do we take for granted that knowledge of them should only exist, without practice, when we see practice as a given in all other areas of life? Love takes us far, but tools to put into words what you feel in order to then be able to understand it in relation to others do not come without practice.

So - practice! At home, in the family, with friends. Start when the children are small. Or big! Start now. Push your children's school to include relationships and feelings in different contexts! Dare to wonder and question the school, for example, and make it a natural part of your family.