Det vi förmedlar

What we convey

It is said that children copy their adult relationships. It actually feels pretty logical, that the picture you see of love (or not love) at home is the picture you carry with you.

Before I continue to write, it may still be important to point out: it is quite possible to break patterns. There are many who grow up and form healthy fine relationships - who in childhood saw the opposite. A lot of jobs are often required to get there, however.

I think (and chip as usual freely!) That it is the sound we want. Not one Type of relationship. Because to a certain extent, the picture still lives on: ambiguity-poison-whole life. That we have to show that particular picture in order for the children to have a healthy way of looking at relationships. The facade is more important than what happens inside. Is it recognized?Although we have seen so many miserable marriage the picture sits so hard that it can still feel like a better alternative than a (perhaps even loving) divorce. "For the children".

I know you know but: The children will not copy ambiguity, marriage you manage to stick together, etc. They will copy or mimic (if they do not do the job of breaking patterns) your way of looking at yourself in a relationship, the value you give yourself there and how much you compromise with who you are. For children to single people can fix healthy relationships better than children to those who grew up with married adults, if they have seen their single parent have fine, equal, healthy relationships with themselves and other adults (and the child with married parents seen a relationship where two People forgot who they are just to continue the relationship).

It feels absolutely ridiculous to write the sentence above, but think so much value we (even though we are wise creatures that understand this!) Place in what it "should be" (look..) That many of us believe that this is the picture of relationships we give our children - not what feels.