Rea utan köphets?


Every year, in front of Black Friday, the discussion blooms: How good is it to incite buy in a world where consumption is one of the major environmental booths?People seem to be divided into two camps: those who boycotts and those who pay tribute to. As always on the net nowadays, the emotions are strong and the words hard. The shades are absent.

Companies want (of course) to sell and consumers find. A winning concept from that aspect but is it so simple?

Of course, people buy today (much!) More than they need. Figures are superfluous - we know anyway.At the same time, it probably depends a bit on which direction we look.I know many who have been able to afford (for example) winter boots or overalls for the kids just because of Black Friday. Those who have been looking for used but have not found - those 50% have been crucial in order to be able to give the children clothes for the winter at all.Not to mention Christmas presents. When the money is barely enough from month to month for roofs over the head and food on the table - to possibly be able to afford to buy any Christmas present for the children due to sharply reduced prices is a feeling you probably can't fully understand if you have not been yourself where.

That group is large, but is not visible. The most visible are those who privileged enough have the opportunity to boycott. Those who can pay full price on everything, all the time. Those who give tips on "pulling down on the daily latte" to save money. (How many latte do we think that the group that may not be able to afford winter clothes buy?) Those who now that food prices have increased think it is a bit exciting to shop on the cheaper food chain from time to time - not those who could hardly afford to buy food on The cheaper food chain before The price increases.

There are, of course, other groups that boycotts too! Those who opt out of consumption completely (or as much as possible) for example.But those who are heard most are probably those who have a choice. And ironically, at the same time, those who are strong enough to consume more than most, the other days of the year ..

I think: No we should not be excited for lots of unnecessary purchases. Neither around days like Black Friday nor otherwise. But maybe we can stop for a while and think that too many are not a sale of over -consumption - but what makes them actually can.

What we sell is not vital. You survive without our product. But we think it is very important. In our discussions about how to make a black Friday we have come to the conclusion that it means a lot to us if more people have the opportunity to take part in the products. However, we are a company and in order to do what we do and reach as many as possible we need to pay.So we have arrived at an offer that we can stand for. For example, we think that with this offer you can go together more and order at a then cheaper price per person.

Thank you for taking the time to read!