Lev och bryt regler!

Live and break rules!

Now I have tried to write a small text about health and how to talk about it with children, more times than is probably healthy (Tihi).

So no - I ignore the snuff sensible and express it like this:

Be healthy, teach the children about diet and movement - but do it with love! Let them test and marvel at flavors from all over the world (sweet as salt and everything in between) and move together (walk, build an obstacle course out in the yard, jump in bed, yoga together in the evening in front of Youtube - whatever).

Also be "unhealthy" - break the rules. No one dies if the candy is eaten on a Tuesday and not a Saturday. Perhaps it was the most healthy choice you made that week. Because you needed it and because you laughed more than in a long time, all evening.Remove screens and reflect for a while and dance with the whole body and the whole heart.

Regardless - throw the "old doctrine" with two sad sad little vegetables (per meal) that all still hate but "Must eat otherwise there will be no Saturday candy" to hell (to say the least). Compulsion and food anxiety have never created a healthy attitude to neither food nor exercise?

I am definitely not a professional here but with the above as the basis is the conversations maybe a little easier when the children get bigger and the teens slowly occur?For the outside world is brutal. The image of health is ill. The ideal impossible to avoid.The children need a solid foundation to stand on to have a chance to be tackled with it anyway!

Health is what we give them, every day, all the time? (Not the sad vegetables and anxiety about being tired of football training).