Känsla för känslor!

Feeling for emotions!

We have talked about the word determined on social media this week and I have been thinking about the word all week. I have come to the conclusion that it is not a simply word to relate to. So it is for me anyway.

If I think of a person who is determined - thus is often determined or may look determined; So my feeling turns on angry. That this person is almost a little angry in his own way. Maybe a little strict.

But if I try to feel the feeling of what determined can mean in me, it is more that a decision has been made - that I have landed in something and therefore feel determined. A little kinder than previous examples - a little more positive.

Whatever the correct meaning of a word is and no matter how the word is interpreted by others, we often have our own special sense of a word. This is among other things because of what communication and relationships can be difficult and conflicts can arise. We do not always speak the same language, even though we believe it.

I think this is one of the reasons why it is so important to talk about different emotions with children. The more we talk about the meaning of the emotions, the more clear the children will probably be able to express them when needs exist (in all types of relationships). Having a nuanced picture of a feeling - how it feels, what it means and how we communicate it, is a prerequisite for good relationships and mental health. We at Bonki are convinced.With emotional card becomes practice on this easy. In addition, the possibilities are endless. Based on a word on our emotional cards, conversations are born that become part of the children's knowledge about emotions.

Have you tested?