Avundsjuka barn

Jealous children

It has been, is and Vanka's sports holiday throughout the country and we have spoken jealousy in social media.I read that jealousy can be either stimulating (lead us to better results) or negative (ie not constructive at all). My first thought when I hear the word is not in the pleasant direction. But what do I know? Maybe envy has helped me reach a goal at some point (but then I have probably formulated it as inspiration ..)

Imagine what many means we have to create jealousy with today! With a little skill, the worst pound quarter can appear as something that sparkles. Because we only see the fixed part.In this way, everyone we follow can appear the greatest best and most beautiful - we only see the dirt in our own house. What a terribly bad soil to grow well -to -do children in. Everyone else is best!(The jealousy of the best ice cream's blue school bag in the 1980s suddenly appears to be quite easy to handle).

Sometimes I wonder when we're done with the show? When the Internet stops being used in a particular way just because it Going And starts to seem like the amazing tool it could be.

There is no final clamp here. No one, regardless of profession, expertise or feeling knows. Just: Take responsibility for what you do (question yourself often!)And: talk talk, listen, listen, listen to the kids. The only thing we can give them in a pretty sick world.