“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

"In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind"

A small sentence that in all its simplicity has had great impact because it says so much. Choosing in our time of endless opportunities, choosing to be kind, good and caring is not always the easy way. When the usual norm is to be tough and independent, the choice to be kind can be the rebellious action.So simple in theory; more difficult in reality.Maybe because most of us don't think "kind" is an active choice, but something you just is. "They are kind" is something we say about a person we don't have much to say about. At least we say something, maybe we think. It is not bad, but we do not attribute a direct positive value either - rather neutral. We probably might as well have said "they are as they are" (i.e., nothing ..)

In other words, the word kind is sometimes associated with naive, messy, credible and maybe a little passive. Or as in the example above: even "Meaningless" or "uninteresting". The opposite of smart, tough, critical, active and meaningful/interesting that is considered to be desirable qualities - what we learn from an early age that we need to be to manage in the world.But without removing the value of those qualities, perhaps kind (or good) can at least be friends with them? Maybe the little word can be so much more.Being kind in a tough reality requires both courage, integrity and the belief that a better world is possible. That said - because it requires a rebel that does not agree to follow the power.

The elections today are many and certainly they also confuse us adults? In other words, the fact that the children spin away from millions of alternatives is not at all strange.Being kind is maybe something we actually need to practice. Just as we learn to write and count.