Nu lyssnar vi

Now we listen

In a previous blog post, our psychologist Ida talked about why it is important to listen to your children. In the small text that follows below, I think about the same. Not scientific, not psychological - just written from a (sometimes) desperate parent's thoughts and feelings about the fear that today we forget to listen (and let other things take the place of listening).

It is important to listen because we have to change the world. We mistake hearing for listening on a daily basis and bit by bit we build a generation. In the noise that generation experiences, LISTEN does not stand out. We run past each other, glance for a second, rush on. A like deceives us that we are seen, listened to; but it is fleeting. Doesn't meet the feel we were looking for. Leaving us empty. In that, we cannot leave the children. We can give them all the great things digital brings, but emotionally I think it's more important than ever to be there. In a world where young people are screaming louder than ever (read about how widespread mental illness is or just look around..) and experience things that we who have been adults for a while can't fully relate to, we need to sit down and listen . We have no right to hope for a better future for our children if we do not listen to them and make the necessary active choices - privately as well as collectively.