Vad är frihet?

What is freedom?

I asked a bunch (small and big) people: "What is freedom?" Here's their answers (some of them gave several answers):

Freedom is when no one decides.

Freedom is to turn off everything and just be.

Freedom is to travel far away where no one knows me.

Freedom is to look the way you want without feeling wrong.

Freedom is to run fast.

There is no real freedom.

Freedom is to say what you want.

I think of a song by Thomas Di Leva.

Freedom is when no one judges.

Freedom is dance and party!

On the summer holidays there is freedom.

Freedom is a feeling.

Those who have war probably do not like freedom.

Freedom is not to have homework.

I love freedom !!

Those who are in prison have no freedom, I think.

Freedom is when we had to go out after Corona.

I do not know..

Freedom is an illusion.

Surely it is sometimes difficult to determine if the answer comes from an adult or a child? That's exactly what I think says some about the issue. We all have our image, our definition and our sense of what freedom is - and the way to see it seems to be quite ageless. Maybe we adults often have the same definition of freedom we had as children? That that feeling remains .. we are probably many who can still feel the exact feeling of the first seconds of an eternally long summer holiday…

From all this, I think so many nice conversations can grow! Freedom is such an exciting topic! For both small and large. Do you have something to share with you? Ask the children at home "What is freedom?" - Chances are that the answers are both unexpected and insightful and that you end up in a conversation about everything between heaven and earth!